Dr. Urmila Goel, independent scholar and trainer


Born in 1970. Works as a free-lance social and cultural anthropologist in Berlin, Germany. Ph.D. in Economics (University of Kiel) and M.A. South Asian Area Studies (SOAS).

I am interested in unequal power relationships, their structural implementation in societies and the experiences and strategies of the marginalised. In particular I work on racism and gender/heteronormativity. Most of my empirical work is conducted among people marked as South Asians in Germany.

I like challenges, enjoy solving problems, prefer an analytical approach, look for connections between theory and practical expperiences, apply innovative methods and approaches. I love to work with people and in a team, as a researcher I am, however, also used to work on my own.

I like to broaden my horizon, to rethink my approaches and to try new things. The straigth way is seldom the most appealing to me.

More information about me:

Photo from the exhibition
"Scattered Wholes und Chosen Bits"
Berlin 2005
Photographer:  Anke Illing

For further questions you can contact me via email to info (at) urmila.de  (see also contact).

Urmila Goel, urmila.de / english 2014