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In the course of the research project: The virtual second generation on the internet portal  Indernet I have written several articles and have given several presentations. In the following I arrange the English publications according to topic:

On the research project

On question of methodology:

On people marked as Indians in Germany

A critical discussion of the concept of an 'Indian' community:

More general on the migration history:

Compare also:

Internet studies

In September 2005 I attended the workshop Internationalizing Internet Studies in Brisbane, Australia. Following article is the outcome of the discussions:

A space of the second generation

My central arguement is that the internet portal Indernet provides an own space without racist exclusion. This interpretation I developed first in 2005 and then in 2012 looked at the long-term bond of the users:

Norms and Boundaries

While the Indernet provides an own space, it also reproduces norms and boundaries. The claims and contestations of 'Indianness' are discussed in:

The reproduction of normative gender and sexuality are discussed in an essay:


On the Indernet respresentation is a central topic. I dicuss the images of India produced and represented in:

For the Conference:"The Borderpolitics of Whiteness" in Sydney, Australia in December 2006 I prepared a paper on the dilemmas between establishing a secure own space and the wish to represent to 'white' Germans. This paper has not yet been published and needs to be worked on some more:

Transnational spaces

The Indernet is located in a transnational space, while it is very much localised in Germany, as I discuss in:

Ethnographic material

The research project is based on participant observation on- and offline as well as interviews. One of my students kept an English-language online diary of her observations:


Much more information and material can be found in the German version.

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