Research project: The second generation Malayalees in Germany  

Abstract for seminar at Department of the History of Religions, University or Bergen on 10th October 2007

Indian religions in Germany - Their role for the children of the migrants

by Urmila Goel

Migrants from South Asia have brought different religious affiliations to Germany. Among them are Malayali Christians, Bengali Hindus, Pakistani Ahmadis and Afghani Sikhs to name only a few. Some of the migrants have actively engaged themselves in forming religious communities and networks, others have practiced their religion in private and yet others lived a secular life. The children of the migrants have been socialised to very different degrees with the religions of their South Asian parents. On the basis of my anthropological research among those categorised most commonly as Indians of the second generation I will present which roles religious socialisation plays for the children of the migrants. In particular I will illustrate the importance of religious communities and networks to them as well as the role of their experiences of exclusion on the basis of religion.

Presentation as pdf.

Urmila Goel, / forschung or english / Malayalees 2007