Forschungsprojekt: Die virtuelle zweite Generation

Abstract for CAPSTRANS workshop: Culture, identity and performance: Diaspora South Asians, University of Wollongong, 13th November 2006

Classical Dance, Bollywood and the Indernet
Cultural practices among ‘Indians of the second generation’ in Germany

Dr. Urmila Goel, Visiting Scholar at the Asia Centre
Department for Cultural and Social Anthropology, European University Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder, Germany

The most important part of the internet portal (called the Indernet) is the events calendar. Here ‘Indians of the second generation’ and others interested in ‘India’ can find information about the next ‘Indian’ party and occasionally about other ‘Indian’ cultural events. The Indernet also offers information on Bollywood and music as well as a space to discuss these in the forum. In this focus on popular ‘Indian’ culture the Indernet differs fundamentally from the spaces established by the ‘Indian’ migrants, who rather focus on classical dance and music.

The paper will describe different forms of cultural practices, in particular djaying and dance, found among ‘Indians of the second generation’ in Germany. The mixture of ‘Indian’ and ‘Western’ elements, the reference to ‘classical’ and ‘modern’ forms will be analysed against the backdrop of the parents’ expectations and the othering experienced through ‘White Germans’. The cultural practices will be discussed in particular as strategies of dealing with ascriptions and searching for positive forms of identification.

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